Personalizing the Customer Journey: The Power of Omnichannel E-Commerce

The landscape of e-commerce has changed: Customers expect to be able to contact your business on the platform or service of their choice at any time. Since this customer journey is no longer linear, it’s time to embrace omnichannel e-commerce and omnichannel software solutions like Mitto to meet and exceed customer expectations when it comes to communication. When implemented and maintained well, the omnichannel communication experience includes personalization for the client and empowering them to reach out at any time.

Omnichannel messaging also empowers your business, granting you the ability to follow up with your customers by reaching out to them via web chat, email, phone call, SMS, and more, ensuring they know you’re available to meet their needs.

Assessing Customer Preferences

Do you know how your customers want you to reach out to them? What about how they’d like to reach out to you? Your college student client might want to shoot you an email at 3 a.m., expecting a reply within 24 hours. Your mail order catalog consumer would hope for a human to pick up when they call your customer service line. Customer preferences are extremely personal, and they can even change based on customer circumstances (such as whether it’s a weekday or a weekend).

To gather and analyze data, you need an omnichannel software solution that helps you understand your customers’ needs when it comes to omnichannel communication. With the help of artificial intelligence, solutions like Mitto can make that happen and also reveal the best ways to ensure you serve your customers’ expectations with live service coverage.

Grant a Seamless Shopping Experience

Your customer likely ordered something on the web from you, but they might not reach out to you by going to your website. Instead, it’s more convenient for them to call you during their commute or message you from Facebook during lunch. When they do that, it’s important that your customer service team can access their information, verify their identity, and easily pull up their account.

In other words, if your customer started a customer service conversation on chat via omnichannel messaging while on your website, they expect to talk about the same product or service via phone. Giants like Amazon set this expectation, and with the help of omnichannel software like Mitto, you can meet it.

Provide the Best Follow-Up

How do you currently follow up with your customers? Have you considered using a product like Mitto to provide more customized follow-up? You can reduce cart abandonment, ensure deliveries were successful, and follow up to see that customers found what they were looking for through omnichannel messaging. With everything in one omnichannel software database, you can reach out a specified amount of time after a product delivery to make sure the customer is happy with their product.

If your customer is on a software trial for your business, you can automatically message them via omnichannel messaging the next time they log on to the site, ensuring you can address all questions about the software as a service product.

The best follow-up is also personal like an email addressing the customer by name or referencing the product they ordered in the subject line. Through powerful omnichannel software like Mitto, this is possible: Higher sales. Higher levels of happiness. Higher performance. Contact Mitto today to get started with your omnichannel e-commerce experience.